Kurier, 17th August 1960

A magnificent moment

"...such marvellous evenings have become fairly thin on the ground, even in Salzburg.
...It may be an event in its own right, to see the octogenarian Carl Schuricht celebrating Mozart's genius with such superb perfection, so easy and light and yet full of captivating intensity. But this dignified sight paled alongside the urgency of the musical experience. Supported by the Vienna Philharmonic with obvious love and devotion, Schuricht made the Prague Symphony, and even moreso the Jupiter Symphony, glow with such clarity, with such self-possession and deep, calm happiness, that one cannot help but be award by such consummate realisation of one's ideal image of Mozart... After the boundless, thrilling joy and festive mood of the Jupiter's finale, the audience rose to their feet in tumultuous applause, as if to say that it was not the conductor, but rather the Festival audience that should take a bow."

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