How to get Car Schuricht's new CD from DeAGOSTINI

Courtesy: Servizio Clienti De Agostini Mailing

As listed in the CD list of Carl Schuricht, DeAGOSTINI has published this CD in 1998.
It is entitled as "La Grande Musica del Festival di Salisburgo 31" (FS96CD31-2).
Live recordings of "Concerto Grosso a Quattro Chori" by Stölzel and Beethoven's 3rd symphony (rec. date: 23 October, 1961) with VPO have been included in this CD.
However, this CD is now out of print.
Fortunately, ORFEO has republished this live recording in October, 2000 (ORFEO 538 001) and you will find it at CD shops.

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