Revisit Old Mysteries (ROM)

Why don't you join us, if you are an enthusiast for minor classic mysteries?
Over hundred back-numbers have already been published; in no time inquiry should be first toF romj2013-editor\iplease change \ to @, when you usej

With only 1,000 yen as an annual fee, "Dozing Dog is willing to guarantee your satisfaction to be doubled."

Available numbers as of October 28, 2015:

No.144 Humdrum Mysteries as the Mainstream of British Detective Fiction (A5, 125pp., freight included \1000).
No.143 Gothic Roman as the Headstream of Mystery@(A5, 111pp., freight included \700).
No.142 The Secret Pleasure of Detective Short Stories (A5, 118pp., freight included \800).
No.141 Farewell Mr. ROM (A5, 112pp., \520{postage) .
No.139 Fantasy, Horror and Mystery (A5, 116pp., \760+postage).
No.138 On the Victorian Mystery Mall (2) (A5, 90pp., \640+postage).
No.137 On the Victorian Mystery Mall (A5, 78pp., \580+postage).
No.136 Vengeance of Eden Phillpotts (A5, 52pp., \500+postage).
No.135 Heritage of Super Classics + Root & Stems of Italian Classic Gialli + M. Crombie & A. Lernet-Holenia (A5, 98pp., \700+postage).
No.134 Heritage of British Classics (A5, 54pp., \490+postage).
No.131 Professional Writers od Detective Short Stories (A5, 112pp., \670+postage).
No.129 Paul Rosenhayn; ein klassischer Krimiautor in Deutschland, u.s.w. (A5, 80pp., \730).
No.128 Genuine British Classics proper! (A5, 80pp., \750).
No.126 H. C. Bailey & M. Allingham (A5, 100pp.,\840).
No.121 Revisit Old Mysteries in Norway, Sweden, Germany, Austria and France (A5, 156pp., \1110).
(\200 reduced for all ROM members only)
Each of numbers has some reviews, essays, information, letters, intervista etc. (Text is entirely in Japanese)



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