Chronology of Tama Morita

Based on the chronicle made by Reiko Morita who is a daughter of Tama Morita

1894(Meiji 27) Dec.19: Born in Sapporo as a second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jiemon/Yoshino Muraoka.

1907(Meiji 40): Enter Sapporo women's high school at the age of 13.

1909(Meiji 42): She left school because of sickness.

1911(Meiji 44): She could win public recognition by a short article which she contributed to a journal "Shojo Sekai".
Went up to Tokyo. Married with an adopted husband.

1913(Taisho 2): She studied under Sohei Morita who was a famous writer.
Her first article "Katase made (To Katase)" appeared in a journal "Shinseiki" in september.

1914(Taisho 3): Tried to kill herself at Nankoin, Chigasaki.

1916(Taisho 5): Got acquainted with a student of Keio Univ., Shichiro Morita. Divorced her husband and married with him.
Stopped writing.

1918(Taisho 7): First daughter, Reiko.

1921(Taisho 10): First son, Shin.

1923(Taisho 12): Moved to Senri-yama,Osaka after the great earthquake in Tokyo.

1925(Taisho 14): Went back to Tokyo and started a bookshop with her husband. But returned to Osaka after a while.

1932(Showa 7): Sohei Morita visited Osaka and she wrote "Kimono Ko-shoku" in a day. This appeared in "Chuo Kouron (The Central review)"

1970(Showa 45) Oct.31: Died at Keio hospital at the age of 76.

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