What they said about Carl Schuricht.

Sibelius also wrote to his friend the conductor George Schnéevoigt about performance under Carl Schuricht in Wiesbaden in a tone he would never have used to Schuricht directly:
"It is strange how foreign my music is to conductors as a rule. For example, recently in Wiesbaden, where Mr. Schuricht conducted my Saga, the violin concerto and the Second Symphony without understanding them or showing an interest in them and without success." (8 October, 1942).

Tomi Mäkelä in "Jean Sibelius", Boydell & Brewar Ltd.

"As in the case of Wilhelm Furtwängler...the record companies have not done justice to Carl Schuricht by not undertaking to record more works conducted by him. It would have been to our advantage, if the Bach and Mozart conductor Schuricht, probably the incomparable interpret of the Missa Solemnis and great Bruckner conductor would have been preserved on record"

Gottfried Kraus in FonoForum No.2/1967

"When the tall old man with the scraggy hoary head and the friendly eyes climbs the desk cautiously and by help of his walking-stick, nobody can imagine, what a fire is burning in this grey soul, what a juvenile energy these hands can still create. And then there is always the same sight of a miraculous transformation.
When Schuricht has the baton in hand, years fall away from him."

Alexander Witeschnik

"Why are we fond of Carl Schuricht?
Why do we unhesitatingly rate him among the three or four finest conductors of our time?
Because for many years now this wonderful musician has been blessing us with peerless performances only.
Because he loves music with true love.
Because Schuricht in action is sheer bliss for the ears, eyes and heart combined.
Because he is simultaneously a painter, sculptor, poet and musician.
Because he looms as a giant among the great ones..."

Bernard Gavoty in Journal Musical Francais

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