About Ataúlfo Argenta


Ataúlfo Argenta was a Spanish conductor.
He studied conducting under Schuricht. His debut as a conductor was in 1944.
He joined la Orquesta Nacional de España in 1945 as an orchestra pianist, but within months he was conducting the orchestra.
He founded the Madrid Chamber Orchestra in 1946 and bucause his reputation grew quickly, he was appointed musical director of la Orquesta Nacional de España early in 1947.
His debut in London in 1948 was a great success and thereafter, he was invited by many orchestras in Europe.
He died in January 1958 at the age of 44.
Fortunately, a webpage for him is now under construction.
And also, there is an institute named I.E.S. Ataúlfo Argenta in Spain. In their webpage, biography of Argenta is available.
Other pictures of Maestro Argenta with Schuricht
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