Excerpt from "My self-education for music"

written by Seiji Ozawa (1962)

Translated by Tohru Kobayashi


... In abroad, I was impressed by some musicians very much. They were often very old but I could guess they must be very rare musicians even in Europe... Their names were Backhaus, Haskil, Karajan, Münch, and Bernstein. Carl Schuricht, not well known in Japan, was a very old conductor. He conducted orchestra with his sharp eyes that can handle orchestra members as he wanted. He appeared at the stage but it took almost 5 minutes to reach the podium. During this period, audience claps their hands and found their hands turned hot at last. He looked too old to be liked by young ladies but I found many in audience. To my surprise, his music did not let me feel his age, or rather it sounded more vividly than that by any younger conductors. I naturally took off my hat to such a musician...

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