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- 98 - (12 January, 2024)
Schubert symphony #9 SDR Symphony Schubert Big Box. ☺️

Robert Bird

- 97 - (18 January, 2022)
My favorite recording by Carl Schuricht: Brahms 4th symphony with Sinfonie orchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks.


- 96 - (9 Dec.)
Though I love all of Schuricht's recordings, my favorite is the Bruckner 8th with the Vienna Philharmonic (recorded c. 1963).

Adrian Leverkuehn

- 95 - (27 May)
Favorite Schuricht recording: Bruckner Sym #3 Wiener Phil.
Just finished listening to Schuricht's Stuttgart Schubert 9th! This perf has both sustained vigor and unfailing sense of continuity. The 'playing' of the Stuttgart orch is definitely 'ruddy' but heavens, what unanimity!

David Roth

- 94 - (12 April)
Das Liede von der Erde.

Germano Zampa

- 93 - (30 January, 2021)
Beethoven symphonies. Bruckner 3.

Alvaro Rosillo

- 92 - (8 July, 2020)
Of course, pride of place has to go to the scintillating cycle with the Paris Conservatoire, an orchestra which was formed specifically to perform those very symphonies a year after the composer's death, so the feeling of a mantle being past is tangible.

But if I was to choose a single work, it has to be the Mahler 3, which came as a complete surprise to me, as I never associated Schuricht with Mahler in any way, until I came across this by accident. Absolutely revelatory, the most galvanised and galvanising performance I have ever heard, on record or in the flesh, which has a sweep an energy that cannot be found in any other recording. I thought I knew my Mahler pretty thoroughly, but this was like hearing it with fresh ears. I take it he did only set down this and the Resurrection, apart from the notoriously interrupted Das Lied, the sound quality of which puts it out of court anyway.

Chris Hall

- 91 - (6 March, 2019)
Meine Lieblingsaufnahme ist die "Eroica" von Beethoven aus dem Jahr 1941 mit den Berliner Philharmoniker.

Jose Latorre

- 90 - (14 April, 2017)
Without any hesitation, all that Carl Schuricht recorded of Schumann, as well as the four splendid Mendelssohn's overtures (Decca LXT2961 or ACL33).
Best wishes,

Michel Tibbaut

- 89 - (22 February, 2016)
My favorite Schuricht recording (so far -- I've only recently discovered him) is his live performance of Mahler's Das Lied von der Erde with the great Amsterdam Concertgebouw, Oct. 1939.
I can feel some tension during this performance of Mahler's music which at the time was banned in Nazi Germany, so close to Holland. And in fact at one point someone in the audience yells heil hitler, which can be heard on the recording. Looking forward to listening to more of Schuricht.

Riva Freifeld

- 88 - (24 November, 2015)
My favorite Schuricht recording is his 1958 Beethoven 9th with the Paris Conservatoire Orchestra.

Jamie Burr , Larchmont, NY USA

- 87 - (17 February, 2013)
J'aime de très nombreuses interprétation de Carl Schuricht (Beethoven, Brahms, Mahler, Mozart avec Clara Haskil...). Je viens de découvrir récemment une interprétation exceptionnelle de quelques symphonies et airs de concert de Mozart avec le RSS : la symphonie Haffner est un chef d'œuvre de légèreté, de vivacité, de finesse... et de jeunesse, servi par un orchestre tout à fait remarquable.


- 86 - (16 May)
Mon enregistrement favori :
Symphonie 4 de BRAHMS - orchestre symphonique de la Radio Bavaroise MUNICH edité par la Guilde Internationale du Disque en 1961.

Richard Daniel

- 85 - (28 March, 2011)
I've enjoyed your lovely site.
If you go to morethanthenotes dot com you will find my 97,000 word e-book, a collection of essays on 64 historic conductors, complete with four hours of sound clips correlated to the text. It comes recommended by Kent Nagano!!
There is of course a chapter on Carl Schuricht. Among my many favorites are the VPO Bruckner 9th, his Bruckner 4th with the slow finale that clarifies this music beautifully, also a Melodram Brahms 4 with a very poignant flute solo, etcetc.
Meanwhile, I am having trouble finding his Mahler 2 and Delius Sea Drift.

Best Regards,
Arthur Bloomfield

- 84 - (26 March, 2010)
My favorite recording is : Brahms 4th symphony, Bavarian Radio Munich Symphony Orchestra, GID CD.

Jésus Ezquerra

- 83 - (22 Fenruary, 2009)
My favorite so far is the Burckner 3rd with the VPO recorded in December of 1965 at the Grossen Musikvereinsaal Vienna for EMI followed closely by the Bruckner 8th with the VPO recorded at the Musicvereinsaal in December of 1963 for EMI.


Bill Greene Freeport, Maine

- 82 - (29 September)
I would recommend Schuricht conducting Bruckner's 8th with the Wiener Philharmoniker (EMI Classics CZS 767279 2), recorded in 1963. The 8th is coupled with Brucker's 9th, also with the Wieners. I have the 2 CD set. It's brilliant.I think it might now be difficult to obtain.

Best wishes,

Paul Thibault

- 81 - (11 August, 2008)
My real favorite is the Brahms 4th Symphony, performed by the Sinfonie-Orchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks. Transparent, warm and deep, clear, with a love for details, full, but not pompous, rhythmically exciting and true to the score. With George Szell as my favorite conductor, I have to say, I prefer Schurichts version of this symphony to Szell's. Schuricht was one of the very best and deserves more credit - even compared to Furtwängler.

Chris Jarrett

- 80 - (9 August)
Anything by Schuricht is great but I like his rendition An Alpine Symphony by R Strauss. I believe the recording I have is with the Nord Deutsch Rundfunk Orchestra ---- done in the 1950s.
His Bruckner cycle is fantastic also.

Bill Greene

- 79 - (18 April)
I admire many of his readings, but especially Brahms Double Concerto with Georg Kulenkampff and Enrico Mainardi (Decca, 78s). He does something with that lilting theme in the first movement which no-one else manages: normally it sounds sea-sick, but in his version secure, structured, and (I have no doubt) as Brahms intended.
Steven Plunkett
- 78 - (8 January, 2007)
It is a very difficult task to choose only a few favourite recordings from many great recordings by Carl Schuricht, and it is absolutely impossible to choose "the best." The following recordings are at the top level of his masterworks, although other more famous recordings should be singled out.

1) Schumann: Symphony No. 3 "Rhein": SDR Sinfonieorchester Stuttgart (Concert Hall)
2) Brahms: Symphony No. 3: SWR Sinfonieorchester Baden-Baden und Freiburg (Concert Hall)
3) Bruckner: Symphony No. 9: VPO (EMI)
4) Beethoven Symphony No. 3: Orchestre de la Societe des Concerts du Conservatoire (EMI)

They are all Schuricht-specific unique and fantastic recordings, and I have never tired with them.
Takeshi Hasegawa

- 77 - (16 December, 2006)
I am a great admirer of Carl Schuricht. Not that I ever had the privilege of attending one of his performances. But, fortunately, there are numerous recordings and one can listen to them as many times as he likes! It is very difficult to chose one single recording as the favorite one. But as have to do so in order to fulfill your kind request, I decide to single out the Complete Symphonies of Beethoven with the Orchestre de la Société des Concerts du Conservatoire. It is a superb achievement, if I am not wrong the first one with a French orchestra. I place it on top of the discography of the complete Beethoven Symphonies, together with Furtwängler and Walter. The runner up is the historic Mahler's Das Lied von der Erde in concert in Amsterdam in 1939. Not for the famous incident caught by the recording, but really for the performance itself. It can be ranked alongside with the historic performances by Walter, Horenstein and Van Beinum and even with stereo versions by Reiner, Jochum and Boulez. Finally, to complete the answer, I cannot overlook two other magnificent recordings: Bruckner's 8th with the Vienna Philharmonic and Brahms's 4th with the Bavarian Radio SO. In my opinion, both rank on top for each work, together with Furtwängler for the Bruckner and with Walter for the Brahms.
Best regards,
José Bastos
- 76 - (9 December, 2006)
Know nearly nothing of Carl Schuricht , but as a fan of great late G.Wand, I know there were good connections. But as a Delian too I'm very happy to possess Schuricht's rendering of Delius's "Seadrift" from 1963 - so much more to the point than any other English version!!
I think Schuricht was a Delian and knew him personally.It's a real treasure. Also on this disc and very much to recommend: Rudi Stephan's Music for Orchestra.
Andreas Einbeck
- 75 - (20 November, 2006)
Schumann's third symphony with Paris Conservatoire Orchestra is very exciting!
See this link
Piers Burton-Page, UK
- 74 - (19 November, 2006)
Favorite recording:
Haydn Symphony No.104!!!

See this week:

Utterly brilliant, here them all here!
Jonathan Posner

- 73 - (21 October, 2006)
Grand prix du disque: J. S. Bach, concertos brandembourgeois with ensemble baroque de Zurich 1963 Vienna.
Good introduction to Mr. Schuricht's interpretations.

Marrio Borroni

- 72 - (3 July, 2006)
(A reply to the webmaster's response to his e-mail)
Yes, 1972 my Mother sold part of the garden of our house and out of the proceeds I got my first Hi-Fi system. (Goldring-Lenco GL 75P deck, Shure M-55E cartridge, Armstrong 521 Amplifier, Wharfedale Linton Speakers.) For Christmas I was given the Gilels Box Set of the with Brahms ConcertosJochum on DG and the EMI Box the three last Tchaikovsky Symphonies with Karajan and, which changed my life, my mother bought a copy of the The Gramophone magazine (December 1972) which I read from cover to cover.

I had very little pocket money and I had read that issue of The Gramophone that the Schuricht Bruckner 9 was good performance and recording. It was 69p or 89p - less than a pound anyway. I was a little disappointed to see it had been recorded in 1964 - but the performance and recording were excellent.

I dreamt all those years ago, as a penniless young boy, of having the money to buy all the fantastic full-price classical LPs I read about in The Gramophone. Now I deal in Classical LPs, through my business Wax-Eloquent and on Ebay, and I have all the records I dreamt of having as a boy and far, far more.

I have had a longer look at your site and really enjoyed it. I particularly found the quotes from Furtwangler, from the Daily Mail & Guardian, from Ozawa rather moving and they are a great tribute to Schuricht, both as a conductor and as musician. Even with the tiny videos, that unmistakeable rightness of phrasing and naturalness of tempo, which was his particular gift, is immediately evident.

Thank you again for increasing my appreciation of Schuricht's undeniable greatness.

Kind regards,

Adam Czarnowski

(A note added by the webmaster)
Adam says he has many LPs of Schuricht. If you have interest, please get contact with him.

- 71 - (3 October)
Mahler's Das Lied von der Eede.
The applause between 5th and 6th movement proves the value of this achievement.


- 70 - (19 July, 2005)
Among a lot of excellent Schuricht-recordings, this might be my favourite:
Anton Bruckner - Symphony No. 9, Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra/Schuricht (EMI, recording date 1962)

kind regards,
Rolf Boy, Germany

- 69 - (22 November)
Leider kenne ich nicht alles von Carl Schuricht aber ich liebe besonders sehr seine Beethoven, die er in Paris mit dem Orchester des Konservatoriums im Jahre 1949 aufgenommen hat (und jetzt bei den Originals Masters von Decca zu erreichen ist.) Diese Seite finde ich sehr interessant.


- 68 - (27 July)
I am by no means a consummate aficianado such as your good self, but I have always loved a performance of Bruckner's Third Symphony that I had on an Angel-EMI recording in the early 1970s.
Thank you for helping so much to preserve and foster the legacy of this great Maestro.


Tom Potter

- 67 - (22 April)
Heute habe ich Ihre Carl Schuricht Website gefunden, die mir sehr interessant ist.
Zur Zeit liebe ich seine Eroica-Symphohie, am 23. Aug. 1961 aufgenommen worden ist (Orfeo: C 538 001 B).
Auch G. H. Stoelzers Concerto grosso, der damit aufgenommen ist, ist ausgezeichnet, glaube ich.

Georg Bruno, Tokyo, JAPAN

- 66 - (2 April)
I would vote for

1) Schubert Symphony no.8 with Vienna

2) Mozart Symphony no. 40 early 60's

Hani Roumieh, Paris, France

- 65 - (25 February)
Dear Sir,
My favorite of Schuricht recordings are BRUCKNER Symphonie Nr. 7 with the Berlin Philharmonic(1938) and a concert with the RTSI-ORCHESTRA (Lugano, 27.4.61/Works by Beethoven, Mozart and Mendelssohn-Bartholdy/Soloist W. BACKHAUS).

With best wishes,
Guido Bathe

- 64 - (20 February)
My favorite of his is a live recording of the "Lied von der Erde" with the Concertgebouw Orchestra, Amsterdam from October 5th 1939. What is also historically interesting, is a woman shouting "Deutscheland uber alles, Herr Schuricht!" during a soft passage in the 6th movement "der Abschied" (it is clearly audible on the recording). This recording is part of a anthology of radio recordings of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, vol.1, 1935-1950.

Hans Peter Spannring

- 63 - (29 January, 2004)
Schubert 8th (1956 VPO)
Mozart 38th Prague (1963 Paris Opera)
Bruckner 8th (1963 VPO)
Greatest musical performance, I will vote as 1st position.

Ryusuke Ota

- 62 - (14 July)
My most favorite CD of Carl Schuricht is that for Bruckner's 9th symphony with VPO (EMI). I believe this is the best of best performance of the Bruckner's greatest symphony.

Also some great performances are very close to this one.
They are Johannes Brahms' 2nd symphony with the Stuttgart RSO (1966) [Archiphon's CD offers the best stereo sound], Bruckner's 8th symphony with VPO (EMI), Mozart's 38th symphony "Prague" with VPO (EMI), Schubert's 8th symphony "Unfinished" with VPO (Decca), and Beethoven's 3rd symphony "Eroica" both with French National Orchestra (1963) and with VPO (1961).

Haruhiko Asakura, Tokyo, Japan

- 61 - (15 May)
My favorite recording by Carl Schuricht is the Bruckner Symphony no. 9 with the Vienna Philhamonic Orchestra, but a close second is the Bruckner Symphony no. 7 with the Bavarian Radio Orchestra.
I believe Carl Schuricht was one of the greatest interpreters of Bruckner's music.

Tim Moe, Rock Hill, SC, USA.

- 60 - (9 March)
I am not a great conoisseur of Schuricht, but I have to say that his Mendelssohn "Le Ebridi" overture of 27-04-1961 seems to me an exceptional recording: culminant points are so impressive! I must also say that nobody, except Bruno Walter who remains slightly superior (on my point of view), conducts Mozart K 550 last movement final bars (soon after a pause, the episode in piano, 63 bars before the ending) in such a way that remember me a very intime prayer (always of 27-04-1961). I think this point is a very difficult one for a conductor!
Thanks for your attention,

Andrea Rossi, Genoa, Italy.

- 59 - (22 February)
I think one of the most favourite performances I know from Carl Schuricht is the last broadcasting session from the SDR Stuttgart (today SWR Stuttgart). With the Stuttgart Radion Symphony Orchestra he has recorded the 2. Symphony from Johannes Brahms and excerpts from the Parsifal by Richard Wagner

Dr. Wolfgang Beutel

- 58 - (22 January, 2003)
No 20th century conductor read Bruckner as wonderfully well as Schuricht.
My favorites are the 3rd and the 9th.

C C Watson, Canada.

- 57 - (25 June)
Mozart Prague (which I attended in 1960), Beethoven Missa Solemnis and Beethoven Eroica Polydor 78rpm.

John Lewis, Yowie Bay in Sydney, Australia.

- 56 - (18 June)
When reading the many glowing recommendations for Schuricht's Bruckner performances especially his 9th on the original ASD issue with glorious sound to match his absolutely thrilling interpretation this just confirms my belief in this great conductor. But apart from his Bruckner, Mozart and wonderfully glowing Brahms I have another favourite.
Perhaps not his greatest by all means but the first time I heard his version of César Franck's Le Chasseur maudit on two wartime Polydors with the Berlin State Opera Orchestra it really knocked me out. What intensity and attack! I have never heard anyone to match this blazing perfomance. This is what great music making is all about!

Best regards

Göran Söderwall, Stockholm, Sweden.

- 55 - (3 April)
Schuricht's recording of Strauss Alpine Symphony on Archiphon is almost unbelievable ! The swiftness, (fastest on cd as of 2002 ?) the clarity of individual instruments, yet I feel 'flying' when listening to this interpretation (modern recordings tend to drag people up the mountain), this is what the art of conducting all about!

Kenneth Kwan, San Jose, California.

- 54 - (17 January)
Dear friend,

I do not possess the whole recordings with Carl Schuricht but I have listened most of the great archives published (records or recordings from radio).
As far as I am concerned, I think that the Beethoven Eroica (third symphony) with the Orchestre National de France which was recorded by the French National Radio (ortf) during the concert of the 14 may 1963 at the Théatre des Champs Elysées is marvellous. A CD was printed 10 years ago (limitated edition) and I possess it (with the Beethoven first in 1965).
The reason why I am fond of that record is that Beethoven played by a Franch orchestra is magic (especially in these times) with the sonority and the warmth of the woods (bassoon, oboe etc...). But what is more marvellous is the "intensity" of the lecture of the score , it is Héroical (and after it is logical in this symphony !). There is a real charge of electricity. The Marcia Funebre is royal: full of drama but extremely precise and not mannered (important for me). The scherzo is brillant and the finale is incredible: the orchestra respond perfectly, brilliance and maestria.
I am prompt to explain deeper my choice if you want (I like too the symphonie Nr. 9 with the Orchestre de la societe des concerts du conservatoire, the Schumann Manfred Ouverture and the Brahms 4 with the NDR orchestra and so on....).
With musical regards.

Pierre Lecerf, from Lille - France.

- 53 - (12 January, 2002)

I am amazed by your wonderful Schuricht page. I have heard his Reger interpretation, but was wondering if he recorded anything by his other teacher, Humperdinck? On your page of testimonials, it says
"Aber man muss auch die Nutzanwendung dieser Satze auf ihren Autor in die Betrachtung einbeziehen", and it made me wonder about Schuricht's own writing.

I was very much intrigued by your concert lists. The unfamiliar repetoires, such as D'Alessandro's piano concerto no.3 and Flössner's organ concerto, make me want to hear them, especially if Schuricht's performances were captured via radio (?).
Anyway, I am so impressed with your great web site, thanks for all the stimulating information!

Best wishes,

Deepti Dahl in India.

- 52 - (30 December)
Carl Schuricht is one of my most favorate conductors. But I did not know so many recordings he made. I want to get gradually his recordings.
At first I am looking for Brahms' violin concert with VPO and Ferass.

Kimio Terauchi

- 51 - (2 December)
Hello. How are you?
My favorites are:

Beethoven Symphony No.3 with ONF,
Mozart Symphony No.38 with VPO,
Haydn Symphony No.104 with ONF, and
Bruckner Symphony No.9.

Ken-ichi Kitahara

- 50 - (20 October)
1. Schumann's symphonu no.3 "Rhenish"
2. Mozart's "Prague"
3. Beethoven's "Eroica".


- 49 - (9 October)
Although I am primarily a Brucknerian, my favourite Schuricht recording is Brahms one - the amazing 1966 live recording of the 2nd Symphony. I have heard many performances of this work, and Schuricht does the best with it in all possible aspects.
The only other recording that comes close to it is that of the Columbia Symphony Orchestra with Bruno Walter.
God bless Carl Schuricht!

Doug Rea

- 48 - (1 October)
Yes, VPO Bruckner 9.
Scot Giles (no.8) should try and get hold of the Testament=EMI audiophile LP pressing. It sounds superb.

Nick Coleman

- 47 - (2 September)
Dear Sir,

Like most others I love his Bruckner 8, 3, & 9, all with Vienna Philharmonic.

His Schumann 3rd Symphony "Rhenish" SDR Symphony Orchestra Stuttgart which I have in poor condition on vinyl LP (Concert Hall AM-2217) would be my favourite.
Can you persuade some Company to re-issue this on Compact Disc please.

Yours sincerely,
Michael Darlow, England.

- 46 - (29 August)
Bruckner's eighth symphony, Vienna Philharmonic, the studio recording, made not long before his death.

Paul Forman, New York, USA.

- 45 - (20 August)
Bruckner,Symphony No.9 excerpts Orchestra des Reichssenders Berlin,Live,Berlin 1937

Ralph Gorvett, Gloucester, USA.

- 44 - (5 June)
Thank you for your wonderful Schricht's WebSite.
For a long time, I had never talked about Schricht with anyone. So I'm very happy that I found this WebSite. I hope this WebSite will continue forever. Really say, I love all performances made by Schruicht. So it is very difficult to choose one. From the point of view how often I listen to, it is J.Strauss' Polkas and Walts. When I get tired with driving, I always play J.Strauss and it makes me wake up and cheer up. Especially the polkas are my favarites', my heart always dances with them.
Thank you.

Mr.Kazuhisa Tanaka from Fiji

- 43 - (8 April)
I love Schuricht's Bruckner; it's among the very greatest Bruckner. But besides Bruckner my favorite Schuricht performances are Beethoven Sym. #3 (live, 5/14/63, French National Orch.); Beethoven #6 (PCO, 1957); Beethoven #7 (NDR, 1957); Beethoven #9 (PCO, 1958); Brahms #2 (VPO, 1952); Brahms #4 (Bavarian RSO, 1961); Schumann #2 (PCO, 1952); Schumann #3 (Stuttgart RSO, 1960); Schumann #3 (PCO). I also love his Schubert Sym. #8 and 9.

I've been collecting records since the early 60's and love to trade tapes with fellow fans of historical conductors. My specialty has always been pianists of the past. My favorite conductors are Weingartner, Muck, and Klemperer, although I also idolize Schuricht (of course!) and dozens of others.

Best wishes,

Paul Miller, West Los Angeles, USA

- 42 - (12 February)
My favorite is Bruckner Symphony No. 8.

Elliot Rothenberg, Minnesota, USA

- 41 - (14 January)
Dear Sirs:

It's my surprise to find the H.P. which is specialized for Schuricht.
My favourite Schuricht recordings are Bruckner's 7th Symphony, Wagner's overtures, and Brahms's 4th Symphony all of which were published by The Concert Hall Society.
Bruckner's 8th and 9th Symphonies performed by Wienna Phil are also preferable.
If possible, I would like to talk about Schruicht's recordings in Japanese.
With best regards

La Morri

- 40 - (10 January, 2001)
My choices are limited by what I could get here, and they are:

1) Bruckner 8th with VPO (EMI)
2) Mozart Piano Concerto 27th with Casadesus & VPO (Orfeo)

MC Chu (Hong Kong)

- 39 - (23 November)
Dear Sir,
I concur with those who cite Carl Schuricht's VPO Bruckner 5th (1963)--which is my favorite--and his commercial Bruckner 3rd with the VPO, now happily again available on Preiser CDs.
I also applaud the German recording label Archiphon for their Schuricht releases--all very excellent. Here I especially must note his Schumann symphonies.
I would place Carl Schuricht among the greatest conductors of the century -- with Wilhelm Furtwangler, Hans Knappertsbusch, Eugen Jochum, Bruno Walter, Georg Szell, Dmitri Mitropoulos, Sergiu Celibidache, and Karl Böhm. We need more releases of his oeuvre.

Dr. Boyd D. Cathey

- 38 - (3 August)
My very favorite performance is Johannes Brahms' 4th Symphony in E minor, Op.98 with the Symphony Orchestra of the Bavarian Radio, Munich.

Congratulations for this nice Schuricht site :-)
Xoán M. Carreira

- 37 - (31 July)
Thanks a lot for a wonderful resource about Carl Schuricht.
My two favourite recordings at the moment are Schubert 9th symphony and Bach orchestral suite No 2 - both of which I have on old MMS (Concert Hall)-LP:s. I also like Schurichts version of Brahms 4th symphony which on my MMS-LP is coupled with the tragic overture. The latter is also beautifully played.

Björn Blomberg (Sweden)

- 36 - (11 June)
D'abord, Schumann, les symphonies 2 et 3.
Mais y a t-il un enregistrement de la 4?
A t'on des enregistrements d'oeuvres de Delius?
Et de concertos de Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, avec Arrau, Serkin, Badura-Skoda? y a t'il des "inéits" avec Clara Haskil, Kempff?
Et quand publiera t'on les concerts des Festivals de Lucerne, Montreux, Strasbourg?
Les concerts Beethoven, Brahms, avec l'orchestre des concerts du conservatoire?
Le concerto 2 de Brahms avec Casadesus?
Le concerto pour violon de Brahms avec Ferras?
Quand reprendra t'on la 8 ème de Bruckner de 1960 (prise de concert)?
Et bravo pour ce que vous faites pour un Chef scandaleusement sousestimé

Webmaster hopes he will find answers in the list of CDs for questions he made above.

François Filliatre

- 35 - (25 May)
My favourite Schuricht recording is Bruckner's 7th Symphony performed by the Residentie Orchestra The Hague (Hague Philharmonic), which was rewarded with several prizes.

Ben Legebeke from Rotterdam (Netherlands)

- 34 - (22 March)
Because of your website, I learned that many others shared my interest in Schuricht. The discography has been very helpful. Also the news of recent releases--I was able to get the new Schumann 2 on Decca because I found out about it on your site.
In addition to his Beethoven, Brahms, Bruckner, and Mozart, I am surprised that more people do not know about Schuricht's incredibly passionate and cohesive Mahler performances, like the Mahler Symphony No. 2 with the Orchestre National de Paris on Melodram, or his beautifully shaped Debussy, like the Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun on Berlin Classics.


- 33 - (21 February)
Mozart sym. no.38 with Paris opera orchestra.

H. Kawano

- 32 - (7 January, 2000)
My favourite Schuricht recording is the stereo recording from 1964 with the Residentie Orkest (The Hague), with the impetuous, stunning performance of Anton Bruckner's Seventh Symphony on Musical Masterworks Society.
I wish I had the cd of this recording. But i'm glad I have the stereo recording, within the 10 LP 'In Memoriam' album by MMS. If anyone can deliver me the cd, I would be very glad.

Webmaster mentioned him the existence of a Japanese CD available now(COCO6591).

Gerco A. Schaap, Baarn

- 31 - (4 November)
My favorite Schuricht recording is the Archiphon 2.3 CD of Robert Schumann's "Manfred" (complete) with RSO Stuttgart, choir, soloists and speaking parts.
It is rather difficult to obtain in the USA (I acquired mine through German Music Express).

Paul Furst

- 30 - (5 October)
Hard to pick one out from this most musical conductor.
Let me suggest that his prewar Das Lied and his Bruckner 8 and 9 in Vienna for EMI are musts for serious listeners.


After this, webmaster received another from him.

Dear Tohru:

Thanks for the acknowledgement. It was good to hear from you. Also, it gives me a chance to add the Vienna Bruckner 5th to my list -- one of the most remarkable of all Bruckner recordings. I don't know why I forgot about it.
What could I have been thinking?

Best to you,

Stephen Chakwin

- 29 - (23 August)
Favorite: BRUCKNER: Symphony no.5 (Wiener Philharmoniker)

Eva Bratkova

- 28 - (28 June)
I don't know too many Schuricht recordings, but I hope to mend that deficiency soon.
Meanwhile, give another vote to the Bruckner Symphony No. 9 on EMI. The first movement is as beautifully played and recorded as I have never heard it. Vienna Philharmonic recordings of the postwar period through the early sixties are generally not among my favorites.
Just listen to the Furtwangler Franck Symphony or the Monteux Eroica or Symphonie Fantastique to hear how awful they could be. Monteux thought them overrated. Maybe. But then just listen to how they play for Schuricht! Even a slackening of tension after the first movement can be forgiven in light of such mastery. One of the great recordings.

Best to you,

Dennis Hardwick
Indianapolis, IN

- 27 - (10 June)
Favolita mia is Prager-sinfonie with Wiener Philharmoniker (prefer it to recording by opera-orchestra of Paris).
Why do they ignore this wonderful performance in critics?

Takamitu Hayakawa

- 26 - (31 May)
Dear Tohru,
Congratulations for the Schuricht site. It would be great to see more sites like this on the web, dedicated to other underrated great conductors like him.
Schuricht in my view belongs to that, extinct now, group of "kapellmeisters" - as the English condescendingly call them - men who had their music in their bones and could always offer an unselfconscious but inspired rendition of great works.
Hans Rosbaud was another, and so were Busch and Keilberth and Konwitschny and Matacic and Kempe (to name but a few) and many of the less hyped conductors that lived until the late 60s. I must confess that it is exactly this kind of music making that gives the more lasting pleasure, as they never make you notice the conductors' but the composers' greatness (if one is to assume that there can be greatness for a conductor elswhere than in serving the composer).
Most of the egomaniac super-maestros of the same generation with those Kapellmeisters get to my nerves after a very short while. It is very unfortunate that men like Schuricht worked with less than prominent (commercially, not musically) orchestras when LP made its appearance and so we only have just selections of their work. I do enjoy immensely Schuricht's superb Beethoven symphonies with the Paris Conservatoire Orchestra on French EMI, but I cannot help feeling that had he recorded the cycle with a German or an American orchestra he would have the benefit of a more idiomatic sound.
Keep up the good work.
My favourites are Bruckner's Symphonies Nos. 8 & 9 with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra on EMI.

Alexis Panselinos

- 25 - (15 May)
My favorite recording of Schuricht is Bruckner 8th, with VPO on EMI.

Chung-Hoon Chun

- 24 - (5 May)
My most favorite Schuricht's recording is Bruckner's Sym.9 w/VPO (EMI).
Another one is Mozart's Sym.34 w/Dresdner Philharmonie 1943/5/18, especially the 2nd movement of it.
I think, it is the perfect interpretation of Mozart and its expression is exclusively natural and profound.

Masatoshi Sugiyama

- 23 - (7 March) (Revised version of -9-)
The Bruckner's 9th Symphony with Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra (EMI) is the best Schuricht's recording that I have ever listened to. That is so integrated and full of spirit that I feel even like handled by God.
And the next is Mozart's 38th Symphony "Prague" with Orchestra of Theatre Nationale de L'opera Paris (DENON).

Kenjiro Inoue

- 22 - (4 March)
The Bruckner 8 on EMI....absolutely!!!

Captain Classics

- 21 - (8 February)
There is an outstanding Mozart 40 from 1961/Lugano(ERM 144-2) which approaches the Furtwaengler/WPO for intensity.
My favorite Schuricht of all is the moving Amsterdam Lied von der Erde.


- 20 - (2 February)
I have now had several months to listen to Schuricht's wonderful recordings of Bruckner's 7th (BPO, 1938) and 9th (Berlin Municipal Orchestra, 1943) on the Dante-Lys label.
Both of these recordings show Schuricht's characteristic sense of phrasing which I find so irresistible in his Bruckner.
In the 7th, in particular, Schuricht avoids some of the slow tempi that mar so many recordings and keeps things moving right along without ever sounding rushed. Admirers of his recording of the 9th with the VPO will be fascinated to compare it with his earlier Berlin recording (incidentally, Lys gives a pre-war date for the Berlin 9th, but further data apparently show that the 1943 date is pretty firm). The Berlin 9th has also been released by DG in Japan, but I have not heard it to compare the sound with the Lys issue (does anyone know?).
Both the 7th and 9th on Lys have very decent sound for their period and I suspect Schuricht admirers will be amply rewarded by them.

Thanks again for your wonderful resource

Ramon Khalona
Carlsbad, California

- 19 - (30 January, 1999)
My favourite is Beethoven's 7th.symphony from June 1957.
Thanks for the super discography.

Egil Akselsen

- 18 - (24 December, 1998)
My most favorite performance is Brahms symphony No.4 in E minor, Op.98 with the Symphony Orchestra of the Bavarian Radio, Munich.

Fukumi Hayakawa

- 17 - (21 December)
Brahms symphony No.2 (VPO, KICC2194) is the best!!
Exactly the recorded sound is bad, however, its speed and volume are appropriate.


- 16 -
I would like to recommend..

  1. R. Strauss: Sinfonia Domestica (with La Scala O, 1938)
  2. R. Strauss: Ein Heldenleben (Stuttgart RSO, 1959 on Disques Refrain)
  3. Max Reger: Variations & Fugue on a theme of J.A. Hiller (LSO, 1964 again on D.R.)
It seems many titles from Disques Refrain are unique.
It is certainly among my most desirable label and in the past I've discovered some FANTASTIC titles (such as Bach Brandenburg Conc. No.5 cond. and played by W.Furtwangler!) but with great difficulty.
Would you please kindly let me know where I can obtain them?
Thank you.


- 15 -
My favorite record is A Midsummer Night's Dream with the Bavarian Radio, but I love most of his records.
It is very nice to find this site.


- 14 -
One of my favorite Schuricht recordings is his Bruckner 5th, with the Vienna Philharmonic, from 1963. It showed up in the DGG set, 150th Anniversary of the Wiener Philharmoniker, and also in a Musica Clasica issue.
I also treasure the EMI set of him performing the Bruckner 8th and 9th, as well as the Archiphon issue of the 1939 Mahler Lied von der Erde, with Kerstin Thorborg and the Concertgebouw.

Boyd Cathey

- 13 -
Another recording of interest (love those ffrr Mono recordings...) London LL 640 Tchaikovsky Capriccio Italien (Op. 45) and Theme and Variations fron Suite #3 in G Maj. (op. 55) Same year of recording as LL 638 (Schumann Symph. #2) and Same Orchestra. Brilliant recording...A very assured performance...In both the Schumann (LL 638) and this recording, the "French" tonality of the Brass and Woodwinds is a little more subdued and not as evident with these non-French works has they are in other recordings of "Germanic" common proctice period pieces as recorded by the Paris Conservatory Orchestra under different batons such as Argenta, and Silvestri. Both Tchaikovsky pieces are very bright in sound and ambient balance and the fidelity for an early 50's mono recording is higher in quality than their American counterparts, including the RCA Toscanini NBC Symph. Reordings with Don Gillis (20th century American composer"The Man Who Invented Music", and the "Tulsa" Symphonic Tone Poem), as the recording engineer. Another footnote..the Schuricht recordings on Vanguard, from the late 60's. Were these first released by Vanguard, or are they American "Dubs" ? The Wagner recordings from this period in Stereo on the Vanguard Everyman Series, are quite good as well. Especially Schurcht's interpretation of the Overture from Rienzi.

Tim Donovan

- 12 -
Favorite recording of Carl Schuricht - Schumann Symphony #2 in C. Maj. Opus 61/Paris Conservatory Orch.. (London ffrr Cat. # LL 638 Mono), but excellent interp. of Schumann's Dark Horse Symphony.
I have a new mint recording initial issue of this piece. Of the 4 Symphonies composed this is the least played. The Rhenish is overplayed as is the "Spring".

Tim Donovan

- 11 -
I don't know if Decca will ever reissue it but Schuricht's recording of Beethoven's Symphony No.2 in D Major with the Vienna Philharmonic (late 40's early 50's) is quite striking.
His treatment of the woodwind section is very much in keeping with the German tradition and there is a relaxed quality to the playing of the VPO.

Bliss M. Michelson

- 10 -
Mahler Symphony No. 2 with RSO Frankfurt, Puetz and Höffgen.
I first listened to this fantastic concert-recording on radio (Hessischer Rundfunk) a few years ago by chance. Luckily - since "archiphon" would not publish it - I found the Originals-edition of that concert.
Ever since this has been my Schuricht-favorite.

Henning Reinholz

- 9 -
The Bruckner's 9th with Vienna Phil. (EMI) is the best Schuricht recording that I have ever heard.
That is so full of spirit and technically superb that I feel even like handled by God.
And next is Mozart's Prague Symphony with Paris Oper(DENON).

Kenjiro Inoue

- 8 -
Bruckner's Symphony No.9 with VPO on EMI.
Apart from Bruckner's Ninth, Bruckner's Third was also outstanding. The problem with it for me was that the only available issue in the United States in the 1980's, when I discovered it, was a very noisy - particularly on side two - American Seraphim pressing and, funnily, I remember much better the first two movements than the last two.
Unfortunately, to this day I have never been able to locate any other LP issue. I purchased a Japanese Toshiba CD set of Symphonies ##3,8 and 9 when it was available at New York's Tower Records store some ten years ago, but of course no CD can replace a good LP issue.

Scott Giles

- 7 -
The Bruckner 9th!
No one has come close...not even Furtwängler or Schuricht's sence of drama and SCALE!

Scott Giles

- 6 -
My favorite Schuricht recording is of Bruckner's 3rd Symphony with the Vienna Philharmonic.
Very close to that recording is Bruckner's 9th, also with the Vienna Philharmonic.

August Helmbright

- 5 -
I have a limited collection of Schuricht's recordings. As others have already posted I'm also fond of his Bruckner 8th and 9th, available on EMI.

I also admire his rendition of Brahms's German Requiem.
Schuricht takes a songlike approach of this performance. As the CD booklet explains, he makes it appear more songlike such as the Brahms 3rd symphony, rather than like the more powerful Brahms 1st or 4th symphonies. The result is great. To me this ranks with other great performances such from Klemperer and Karajan (From the 40s).

I like the way he treats the choral part on Beethoven's 9th.
This is one of the very few performances of this work where the chorus sings rather than shouts.

Schubert's 9th is also great.
There's very few performances of this work that I can live with. My current favorites are from Schuricht and Furtwängler.

I hear that Schuricht has other superb performances of works from Beethoven, Brahms, and Bruckner among others. It's too bad that in the US we have a limited access to his recordings. I'm sure that my list of favorites would have been much larger had I heard more from this outstanding conductor.


- 4 -
I would probably vote for the live 1939 Mahler "Das Lied von der Erde" with Kerstin Thorborg and Concertgebouw Orchestra, on the Gramofono 2000 label (CD:CEDAR AB 78578, Archiphon ARCH-3.1), a bit embarrased here to say that I have never heard the 1936 Walter recording.
Thorborg is as heartfelt and eloquentwith this music as you would ever hope to hear, and the orchestra, in their heyday under Mengelberg, ideally match her interpretation.

I grew up with the Schuricht/VPO Bruckner Ninth (Toshiba EMI:TOCE-3069), the very first recording of this I ever heard. I think there has been some talk on this newsgroup or somewhere about a Beethoven cycle with a French orchestra (ORTF?) on EMI. Any repeat or new comments on this, when it was recorded, what makes it distinctive, etc.?


- 3 -
The Schuricht Bruckner 9th with the VPO on the Testament/EMI LP re-issue is unforgettable. It's better recorded than any of the Karajan's and better played than the Walter.



- 2 -
My favorite Schuricht recording is Bruckner's 3rd(CDZ25-29242), the CD you kindly got for me.
A friend of mine (also in the newsgroup) also likes it very much and he has now borrowed it for a few weeks.
I also like his Bruckner 9th and 5th very much also.
He was a wonderful conductor.

Ramon Khalona

- 1 -
Dear Tohru,

I was quite amazed by your post.
Indeed, I did not anticipate someone thus interested in Carl Schuricht, a man whose popularity has perhaps ever been so low---unjustified, as we know.
Your collection of data is really overwhelming and I will spend quite a time to read through.
I will also install a link to your page on my www homepage.
To your question: I came to know Schuricht with his "Alpensinfonie" (Archiphon ARCH-2.6/7), recorded with the Radiosinfonieorchester des Suedfunks Stuttgart, I recently had a post on this. It still is my Schuricht treasure.
All the very best.


Ralf Metzler

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