Since webmaster is living in Japan, it is almost impossible to find out any new information about Carl Schuricht by himself.
Thanks to collaborations by many kind people in various countries through Internet, this Carl Schuricht HomePage has been improved very much.
Here, he expresses his thanks to those who are listed below.

Mr. Colin't Hart in Australia.
Mr. Alfonso Aijón in Madrid, Spain.
Mr. Roch Andrzejewski in RIKEN from Poland.
Mr. Fernando Argenta of Spanish National Broadcasting.
Dr. Jaap Beijersbergen in South Korea.
Mr. Holger Bünte-Majoor in Hamburg, Germany.
Mr. Michael Constantin in Germany.
Mr. Shigeki Daikuhara in Tokyo, Japan.
Pro.Dr. Eric Derom in Belgium.
Mr. Hans Peter Dieterling in Germany.
Ms. Sue A. Engel of RegionNet Inc., US.
Mr. Allan Evans of arbiter recording Inc., US.
Mr. Jean François Fauduet in France.
Mr. Rosario Gennaro of MIT, US.
Mr. Didier Grange of l'Orchestre de la Suisse Romande.
Mr. Gerhard Greiner in Munich, Germany.
Mr. Marc-André Guske of Freie Akademie der Künste in Hamburg, Germany.
Mr. Jørgen Hansen of Danish National Radio, Denmark.
Mr. Bet Ruth Hainz in Regensburg, Germany.
Mr. Toshio Harada in Aichi, Japan.
Mr. Andrew Hatchell of Chicago Univ., US.
Mr. Toru Hirasawa in Japan.
Mr. Takashi Ichimura in Tokyo, Japan.
Dr. Kunitoshi Ishibashi in Fukuoka, Japan.
Dr. Hans Jaklitsch of Salzburger Festspiele, Austria.
Dr. Zygmunt Jakubek of NRC, Canada.
Dr. Uwe Harten of Kommission für Musikforschung, Österrichische Akademie der Wissenschaften
M. Pierre Lecerf in Lille, France.
Ms. Leiner of Salzburger Festspiele, Austria.
Dr. Susumu Kobayashi, webmaster's brother in Tokyo, for his indispensable contribution for collectiong Schuricht's CDs.
Mr. Kunio Konishi in Takatsuki, Japan.
Mr.(?) Muh-Chung Lin in US.
Mr. Benjamin Maso in the Netherland.
Mr. Lionel Meistermann in Montreuil, France.
Mr. Jerzy Marian Michalak in Poland.
Ms. Danielle Mincio of Bibliothèque Cantonale et Universitaire, Lausanne, Switzerland
Ms. Patricia Mitro of Boston Univ., US.
Mr. Bruce Morrison in England.
Ms. Therese Muxeneder of Arnold Schönberg Center in Wien, Austria.
Mr. Shingo Nakamura in Japan.
Mr. Satoshi Nishihara in Hiroshima, Japan.
Mr. Shin-ichi Nishiura in Tokyo, Japan.
Dr. Kenji Oda now in Germany.
Ms. Marie-France Perraudin of l'Orchestre de la Suisse Romande.
Ms. Libby Rice of the London Symphony Orchestra.
Dr. Gaël Rouillé, the only honorary member of this web, now in Jena, Germany.
Mr. Seth Rovogoy in Berkshire, US.
Mr. Jay Schankman and his grandfather in St. Louis, US.
Mr. Paul J. Scheulderman in the Netherlands.
Ms. Eliane Schmidt of Bibliothèque Cantonale et Universitaire, Lausanne, Switzerland
Mr. Lawrence A. Schönberg in California, US.
Mr. Steve Sundell of the Univ. Wisconsin-Madison, US.
Ms. Barbara Temnow of the Dresdner Philharmonie.
Prof. Dr. Werner Unger of Verein für musikalische Archiv-Forschung e.V., Germany.
Mr. Benjamin Vogel in Sweden.
Mr. John Woollard in UK.
Dr. Haruki Yamaguchi of Iwate University, Japan.
Dr. Mare Yamamoto of Univ. Tokyo, Japan.
Mr. Toyoki Yoshioka in Kobe, Japan.
Mr. Toshiaki Yuasa in Japan.
Mr. Paolo Zeccara in Italy.
Mr. Holger Zeh of the webpage of the Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra, Germany.
Österrichische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Kommission für Musikforschung in Wien, Austria
Ravinia festival, US.
TEATRO ALLA SCALA in Milano, Italy
and special thanks to
Mrs. Martha Schuricht in Switzerland.

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