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Music archives


pianissimo at midnight

Databases for newspapers and historic data

AHRC Research Center for the History and Analysis of Recorded Music (CHARM)

The Utrecht Archives

Non-commercial CONDUCTOR'S HomePages (A to Z)

More Than The Notes

Ataúlfo Argenta HomePage

The Barbirolli Society HomePage

Sergiu Celibidache HomePage(mainly in German)

Wilhelm Furtwängler and Hermann Scherchen HomePage

Erich & Carlos Kleiber HomePage

Otto Klemperer HomePage

Knappertsbusch and Klemperer (Syuzo's Homepage, in Japanese)

Willem Mengelberg HomePage

Roger Norrington HomePage (Japanese) (english)

Toscanini World (in Japanese)

The Art of Arturo Toscanini - Tosca's Homepage (in Japanese)

Bruno Walter HomePage (in Japanese)

Classical Music Events

Furtwängler-days in Jena

Classical Music Player's HomePages

Eric Heidsieck homepage

Classical Music HomePages

CLASSICA (in Japanese)

Composer's HomePages

Classic Cat

The official Delius website

Gustav Mahler WWW Pages

About Gustav Mahler

Digital Mozart Edition

n'Guin HOMEPAGE for Robert Schumann (in Japanese)


Une Discographie de Gustav Mahler (French), (English)

Mr. Kitagawa's collection of DECCA LXT Recordings(in Japanese)

Japanese Classic Music Lovers' WebPages

BBS for Carl Schuricht by Toshiharu Kobayashi.

An die Musik (Klemperer etc.)

Kuni's Bruckner Symphony no.9 Homepage

Masahide Yoshida's "KODAWARI" Homepage



Mr. Toshiharu Kobayashi's Webpage (Schuricht, Krips, etc.)

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The search database of this company includes only a few classical titles.)

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